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"This Man Was Born to Lead and Transform Lives. Jedediah is a Superstar in Every Way!"
-Mitch Huhem - CEO MIT Financial

Jedediah McClure is an attorney, former business professor, successful entrepreneur, and award-winning author. He has built multi-million dollar companies in multiple industries, is an accomplished public speaker, and has received wide-spread praise for his ability to educate and inspire others. He has appeared on NBC’s Dateline, Investigation Discovery, the New York Times, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

Jedediah’s talents for strategic planning, risk evaluation, business organization, and leadership were key factors in his ability to lead multiple organizations to explosive growth and success. But in 2012 a trusted business partner embezzled millions of dollars from one of Jedediah’s companies and killed two partners. At great risk to his own life, Jedediah spent more than a year exposing his former partner and uncovering evidence that would later be used in his arrest and conviction. Jedediah was the target of two attempted murder plots and suffered enormous financial loss, but rather than allowing this tragedy to defeat him, Jedediah learned from his experiences and created invaluable tools for creating success and protecting his wealth in the future. Today, one of Jedediah’s greatest passions is using what he learned to teach other entrepreneurs how to become successful and protect their wealth in their own business and investment endeavors.

Jay W. Mitton
“I can’t speak highly enough of this man, his goodness, integrity, commitment, passion, and loyalty as well as his ability to get down to business and get things done. He is one in a million!”
– Jay W. Mitton, The Father of Asset Protection and the Founder of the National Foundation for Asset Protection.

Jedediah created the Supernus Business & Law Center to help businesses and families protect their financial future through advanced business structuring and estate planning. His personal experiences uniquely qualify him to understand not only how to legitimately protect your wealth, but provide the emotional relief, certainty, and confidence that comes with knowing their wealth is protected. His distinctly tailored approach has saved families millions of dollars and he can do the same for you.

Jedediah has a long history as a successful business strategist and leader who has built multi-million dollar businesses across multiple industries. He’s battle tested, analytical, engaging, and gets results while having a whole lot of fun. Because he has actually owned and run multiple businesses with hundreds of employees and millions of dollars in assets, he knows how to help his clients protect themselves and their assets in ways that truly impact them.

Many people today talk about the importance of asset protection but have little or no firsthand experience in real business situations where fortunes are easily lost and success is hard won. It’s like reading a book about Mount Everest and then claiming that you have mastered its secrets and are now qualified to lead a thousand men and women up its treacherous peak. When a person has no real life experience climbing mountains, they cannot have the foresight necessary to navigate the risks and potential pitfalls – and that puts you in jeopardy. 


Jedediah believes that until you’ve been there and mastered it yourself, you are not truly ready to lead others. Degrees, books, and discussions are great, but they are no substitute for actionable experience, in-the-trenches education where you learn from firsthand experience what really works because you are actually doing it, and specialization as a result of battle-tested techniques and procedures. Would you let someone perform brain surgery on you with no hands-on experience? That would be crazy, right? Yet, countless people are trusting their life’s savings, security, and financial future to “professionals” with no real-world experience running a business and who have no idea about the actual struggles small business owners face. There are simple, proven techniques that can be used by everyone to protect their business and personal wealth so long as they are properly understood and correctly applied to each unique situation, but most people risk losing everything because they don’t know or don’t understand these concepts. Jedediah nearly lost his fortune because he failed to consistently employ these techniques and now that he has developed a strategic formula for protecting his wealth he is eager to share this vital information with the world.

If you are a small business owner or you are building your family wealth and would like to know how you can protect your wealth from lawsuits and creditors, contact our office immediately for a private consultation. 

“Jedediah's story is like nothing you'll hear anywhere else. He is an energetic and dynamic leader with a proven record of success who genuinely cares about the welfare of others. His message is incredibly effective and his passion for life is contagious."
– Robert Sproat, President Phoenix Productions Group, Inc.

Jedediah McClure


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Jedediah McClure, J.D. is a best-selling and award-winning author, business professor, investor, entrepreneur, and former business executive turned attorney.  He has built multi-million dollar companies in multiple industries, is an accomplished public speaker, and has received wide-spread praise for his ability to educate and inspire others. He has been featured on NBC’s Dateline,  Investigation Discovery, the New York Times, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

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