Guardian Nomination

Who will care for your kids

if you are Gone


We can’t predict the future,
but we can eliminate the risk

What happens to your kids if you suddenly pass away or become incapacitated? Having a Will or naming godparents is not enough to keep the court system from making important decisions about your kid’s care if something were to happen to you.

If You Have
Minor Children

It Is Crucial To Nominate Someone To Act As Their Guardian

In Case Of An Emergency!

A Guardian Nomination allows you to choose who will take care of your children if something happens to you.

The Supernus Guardian Nomination is a new and effective way to keep your family out of court, out of the hands of strangers, and ensure your kids will be raised and cared for by the person you choose. 

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The consequences of

Not having
a guardian nomination

When was the last time you asked a judge or social worker for parenting advice? … Probably never, right?

Like most parents, you would never ask a stranger to make important decisions about your own kids, and you don’t want the government making those decisions either.

But, if something happens to you and you have not named legal guardians for your children, then a Judge or social worker – complete strangers–will decide who raises your kids.

You Should Control Who Becomes Guardian of Your Kids, Not the Courts or Social Workers.

Not naming a guardian could also result in long and contested guardianship disputes if multiple family members fight over who should be the guardians or how your kids should be raised. And the risk of a family dispute increases significantly when an inheritance is involved. These disputes can be very destructive to a family and can be traumatizing to your kids.

You Want Your Kids

To be raised in a loving and nurturing home and taught your own values and beliefs.

⟐ But, if you pass away without the proper legal documents:

• You lose control of who raises your kids.
• Your kids could be temporarily placed into the foster system until a suitable guardian can be appointed by the court.
• Your kids could be separated and placed into different homes.
• The court could appoint someone you don’t want to raise your kids.
• There could be expensive and traumatic family disputes over custody.
• You lose control of the values your kids are taught.
• You lose control of how the money you leave behind for your kids is used.
• You risk losing important family traditions and beliefs.
• Your family could be exposed to expensive fees and legal costs.

Don’t let a judge or social worker

Decide who will raise your kids or how they will be cared for!

If you wish to provide the best life for your kids after you are gone, legally nominating someone to serve as their guardian is a necessity.

Why Do You Need

to Legally Name a Guardian?

A Supernus Guardian Nomination is an independent legal document that identifies your primary choice to care for your children. It carries significant weight with Child Protective Services and the Court and in most instances, it will allow the chosen guardian to take immediate custody of your kids in an emergency.

A Supernus Guardian Nomination is the vital first step to ensuring your kids are raised by the people you want and in the way you want, and it will significantly reduce the risk of expensive and unnecessary family conflict.

Isn’t having a Will

or Naming Godparents Enough?

No, it is not. Many Wills do not include a guardianship provision for the care of minor children, and even if it did, generally most family members won’t have copies of the Will and most people don’t even look at the Will until after the funeral. That means it won’t be helpful in an emergency.

And naming a godparent has no legal authority in the courts or with Child Protective Services.

That means it will be left to the court or social workers to make the important decisions about the care of your children.



Naming A Guardian

A Supernus Guardian Nomination is the best way to avoid expensive and unnecessary conflict, stay in control of your kid’s welfare, and ensure they are raised by the person you want – all for less than the cost of a night at the movies. 


It's no secret that legal services can be expensive. That's why a Guardian Nomination typically costs upwards of $250. However, with our exclusive, custom-designed document generator you can quickly and easily create your Guardian Nomination without the cost of an expensive attorney - for just $19.99. This vital document will help keep your kids out of the foster system and child protective services and ensure that they are raised by people you choose in the event of an untimely death.

Takes Less Than 10 Minutes

Consulting an attorney can take a lot of time, but in as little as 10 minutes you can create a Supernus Guardian Nomination document that is ready to sign and that will ensure your kids are raised by the person you want.

Simple Process

Submit the relevant information inside our step-by-step document generator and your legally-binding Guardian Nomination will be instantly created. It's that simple.

Immediate Download

Your document will be available for download immediately after completing our simple process.

Safe and Secure

Your personal information is 100% private and secure. Your document will be saved to your online account so you can access it anytime from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Free Modification

You can modify your document at any time, free of charge by simply logging into your online account and accessing your Supernus Guardian Nomination in your saved documents.

Free Review by a Licensed Attorney

Have your Guardian Nomination reviewed by a licensed attorney for free. Simply send us an email and we'll review it.

Creating your Supernus Guardian Nomination only requires answering a few questions and can be completed in as little as 10 minutes without hiring an expensive attorney


Guardian Nomination

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Guardian Nomination

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Frequently Asked


Choosing the right guardian is very important and should not be taken lightly. Our easy to use 4-step process makes choosing a guardian quick, easy, and convenient.

  • Step 1: Identify Important Values
    Although there are many factors that should be considered when choosing a guardian, the most important is whether the guardian shares your personal beliefs. Identify the values that are most important to you. The list below can help you, but this list is not all-inclusive. If there are other values that are important to you, you should include them in your list.
  1. Parenting Philosophy
  2. Existing Relationship with Your Kids
  3. Age
  4. Location
  5. Religion or Spiritual Beliefs/Philosophy
  6. Disciplinary Style
  7. Personal Values
  8. Marital Status: Married or Single
  • Step 2: Rank your Values
    Rank these values in order of importance to you. Identify which value is the most important, then the next most important, and so on until you have ranked the entire list.
  • Step 3: Identify Possible Guardians
    Make a list of people in your life that would be willing to act as the guardian of your kids. These are people would agree to take responsibility for your kids. Include as many people as you can come up with.
  • Step 4: Rank Your Potential Guardians Based on Your Values
    Now rank the potential guardians in list your according to how they match your values above. The person who most closely matches your values should be highest on your list, and thus your top choice as guardian.

It is vitally important that your guardian has the financial means to raise your kids, but their current financial capabilities should not rule out a person who aligns with your values. It is your responsibility, as the parent or parents, to financially provide for your kids’ care.

Even if you don’t currently have money to leave for your children, you can ensure that there will be money to take care of your kids after you are gone with a Supernus Legacy Trust funded with a life insurance policy.

How the Supernus Legacy Trust Works:

First, the Supernus Legacy Trust allows you to set the terms and control how and when money or an inheritance is distributed to your kids. You can control whether it is used to provide them with a comfortable home while growing up, to pay for their college, or provide them with regular income throughout their life or at various intervals during their life. You would appoint a Trustee to manage the Trust and ensure distributions are made according to your instructions. A Trustee is bound to follow the exact instructions you provide in the Trust.

Second, you can financially provide an inheritance for them – even if you don’t have any money now – by funding the Trust with a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy is an easy and inexpensive way to provide your kids with an inheritance if you were to suddenly die. The insurance policy would be paid directly to the Trust and managed by your Trustee, thus ensuring that your kid’s financial needs will be taken care of.
You do not want your kids to become a financial burden on the chosen guardian and you don’t want to rule out your top choice because that person can’t afford it. Choosing to use a Supernus Legacy Trust removes that financial concern and will allow you to choose the person who will truly be the best guardian, not just the person who can currently afford it.

Yes. With our Leave a Legacy Program you can confidentially exclude specific people from becoming your kid’s guardian.

We all have people in our extended families that we would never want raising our kids. Maybe they have an addiction or psychological problems. Maybe they are just irresponsible or maintain a lifestyle that conflicts with the values you want your children to learn. Or maybe they want to be Guardian so they can have access to your kids’ inheritance. Whatever the reason, you can specifically exclude a person from becoming your kids’ Guardian. And best of all, it can be done in a confidential way, so you don’t damage an existing relationship.

No, they are not required to obey your instructions (unless the instructions are for how to use money or property left in a Trust). A guardian cannot be forced to parent in any specific way or do things the way you would have done them. That is why it is so important to choose a guardian who shares your values and beliefs.

However, you can provide guidance and insight as to how you would like your kids to be raised. The Leave a Legacy Program allows you to provide specific instructions for the guardian about how you want your kids to be raised. It also allows you to pass on important information about their heritage, family traditions and customs, stories about the events that shaped your life, and your dreams for their future.

Creating a Guardian Nomination with the Supernus Guardian Nomination program is fast, easy, and convenient. It takes less than 10 minutes and can be completed from any location where you have access to the internet. Once created, you only need to print the document and following the signing instructions and that’s it. Protecting your kid’s future has never been easier!

No. A Guardian Nomination forms exclusively names who should take care of your children if you are unable to. However, it does not include parenting instructions, exclusions, or a description of your values, beliefs, and traditions. For a fully comprehensive plan that will include all parameters on how your kids should be raised, we have the Leave a Legacy program exclusively through Supernus

With the Leave a Legacy program you can provide detailed parenting recommendations, a Power of Attorney for kid’s healthcare, a temporary Guardian Nomination for emergencies, emergency ID cards, and a Leave a Legacy workbook that lets you fully describe your dreams and wishes for your kids, your values and beliefs, and the memories and experiences that shaped you are a person. Check out our Leave a Legacy plan for full details.


Guardian Nomination

A Supernus Guardian Nomination allows you to choose who will take care of your children if something happens to you. The Supernus Guardian Nomination is a new and effective way to keep your family out of court, out of the hands of strangers, and ensure your kids will be raised and cared for by the person you choose.

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