Mitchell B. Huhem, CEO
and Founder of Huhem Investments

Investment Expert…

Mr. Mitch Huhem is an accomplished and an award winning investor with more than 22 years of experience. He has a successful track record building and operating profitable businesses in diverse industries and generating significant returns in alternative investments. As an adept “hands on” owner/operator, Mr. Huhem has personally invested in commercial real estate including storage facilities, multi-unit apartments, commercial buildings, billboards, single-family homes, mobile home parks and raw land. In addition, he has captured opportunities in fast growing companies, precious metals, and other astutely timed investments that offer short-term and long-term potential for significant returns.

Education Investors

One of Mr. Huhem’s greatest joys is helping people grow their investments. He is a founder and former lecturer at the Marriott School of Business, philanthropist and an award winning entrepreneur. As a businessman, he helped build one of the largest financial education companies in America with annual peak revenue of more than $200 million a year. In this role Mr. Huhem brought the fundamentals of sound investing to the world stage and personally worked with some of the most influential and respected dignitaries including U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Gerald Ford, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Former Soviet Statesman Mikhail Gorbachev, General Collin Powell, former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, First Lady Barbara Bush, Actress Mary Tyler Moore, Movie Star Chuck Norris, Two-Time world heavy weight boxing champion and Olympic gold medalist George Foreman, and billionaire Donald Trump.

  • George Foreman,
    World Heavyweight Boxing Champ
  • Benjamin Netanyahu,
    Prime Minister of Israel
  • Donald Trump,
    U.S. Presidential Candidate, Billionaire
  • Margaret Thatcher,
    Prime Minister of England
  • Mikhail Gorbachev,
    President of Former Soviet Union
  • General Colin. L. Powell,
    American Hero & Chairman of America's Promise
  • Barbara Bush,
    Former First Lady
  • Chuck Norris,
    Karate Master
  • Mary Tyler Moore,

"Mitch is a Wealth of Information with Experience and Results. He walks his talk."

Donald Trump,
U.S. Presidential Candidate, Billionaire

"Mitch’s Dynamic Personal Charisma and Tremendous Experience always leaves the audience transformed."

Financial Security Today, Plus a Legacy for Future Generations…

Mr. Huhem is unique among the multitude of fund founders in that he brings vast real-life corporate management experience to the table. Within the span of two decades he became a multi-millionaire in nine different industries and has invested tens of millions of his own capital to learn, and then harness, the secret to creating solid and consistent returns in cyclical markets.

Through Huhem Investments he shares with investors the potential to achieve a high level of certainty in a perpetually gyrating marketplace without sacrificing return. Mr. Huhem puts investors first and structured the Huhem Fund to provide a secured monthly income, as well as growth opportunities to help you build a nest egg that you can pass on to future generations.

Commitment to Excellence…

From an early age Mr. Huhem has received prestigious awards, including being named the youngest Eagle Scout in America in 1982 – an accolade presented to him by President Ronald Reagan. His groundbreaking venture in the mini-warehouse industry resulted in the “National Storage Facility of the Year” awarded in 2003. Since then he has continued to make innovative high-yielding investments and most recently was recognized by a national media brokerage company for a record-breaking historic outdoor advertising company sale obtaining the highest multiple of any company sold for the last decade.

Mr. Huhem has the rare ability to recognize untapped growth potential in traditional “bedrock” industries — and he has created Huhem Investments so that investors can directly tap prime opportunities. Being a self-made entrepreneur and investor who started with very little, Mr. Huhem relates strongly to the struggles and concerns of everyday people who often feel excluded from the true riches of the marketplace. He has made it his personal calling to open the floodgates to the market’s higher levels of unlimited wealth potential.

An Ambition To Serve…

Mr. Huhem is passionate about life, his faith, family and close friends. He has made a strong investment of his time and resources into other great entrepreneurs and their growing businesses, and as a young man served as a missionary in Chile for a time. Mr. Huhem resides in Boca Raton, Florida and is married to the love of his life, Deborah. He enjoys spending time with his family, which now includes a combined seven children, an Italian greyhound and an adopted cat named Simba. He has been a lifelong philanthropist and is dedicated to causes that promote meaningful capitalism, goodness, exemplary character and free enterprise. Mr. Huhem cares deeply about restoring the values on which America was founded and honoring the men and woman that make this country great.